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Hi, I’m an underemployed art historian.  I love studying art and I love writing about art, so here I am, analyzing art on my own terms.  The benefit of the blog medium is that I don’t have to worry about approval, what an editor might think about my choice of topic or writing style, which is both liberating and terrifying.  The purpose of these posts is to review galleries and museums that I visit, art books I’ve read, and really anything that involves the ‘art world’ in Boston.  As someone who has not yet truly broken into this scene, mostly due to poverty and underemployment (*being a recent proud recipient of an Art History degree), I’d like to think that I’ll offer a unique perspective on this city’s vibrant, shifting, and sometimes challenging art scene.

I’m not entirely sure yet where this blog is going to go, but my first posts are going to center around some galleries that I’ve visited.  I hope to comment on the art, its presentation, and those presenting it;  I love nothing more than a lively discussion about art. It always richens the experience when the gallery attendant is excited to share her views on the work she gets so intimate with. I always end up learning more about the artists and their artwork.

Also, as a little post script I should probably mention something about the name ‘Aoide’.  I spent about a week and a half or so stressing about what to call this blog that would effectively transmit this idea of someone discussing the Boston art scene.  However, after thinking up one bad name after another I threw my hands up and decided to pick the name of one of the Greek Muses because it was related to art and sounded pretty.


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